The Basics: Dry skin type

The Basics: Dry skin type

What's dry skin?

This skin type does not produce enough sebum which often leads to skin conditions such as dehydrated and sensitive skin. These are not skin conditions that only come with dry skin as they can happen to other skin types as well. But dry skin often does not produce enough sebum to properly protect the skin. Because the natural layer of sebum on the surface of the skin is so thin, moisture evaporates easily and causes dehydration. Dry skin can be more vulnerable and can show more signs of aging as the oil and moisture balance in the skin is off. 

How to recognise dry skin type?

There are a few things to look out for when checking to see if you have dry skin. Do you recognize these symptoms? Then you most likely have dry skin!

-Pores are barely noticeable

-Skin feels dry and tight

-Your skin feels tight and dry especially in the morning before doing your skincare routine

-You barely ever get pimples or blackheads

Keep this in mind when taking care of your skin

It is important to use gentle, moisturizing cleansers. Cleansers will remove dirt and excess sebum, but with dry skin we have to make sure we use suitable products. After that we make up for the lack of sebum by using thicker creams. The next steps should be trying to control any skin conditions you might be dealing with. Do this once you have the basic routine down and feel comfortable with the products.

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