About us

Hello, welcome to Rootine! We provide you with simplified skincare content so you can learn more about your skin and how to take care of it. We also have an assortment of skincare products we carefully select. All the products on here are clean beauty, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and they are effective!
The products we sell are all from Korean brands. This is because the Korean skincare industry is years ahead of the western skincare industry in terms of innovation and formulas. Koreans have always used natural and soothing ingredients that the western skincare industry is only just dipping their toes in. Simply put, you can achieve wonderful results with Korean Skincare that you simply cannot with western skincare. Over here at Rootine we love cosmetics that give us results. Korean skincare does just that!

Let's meet the founder of Rootine Skincare

Rootine Skincare is founded and ran by Eva Hakvoort:
“In my teenage years I struggled with acne and other skin issues. This inspired me to learn about skincare. Well, I kind of had to. My skin was hurting and I felt deeply insecure because of it. I bought my first skincare products and fell in love with taking care of my skin. But it wasn't enough. I wanted to learn more! After graduating high school I went to college to become an aesthetician. I learned everything I needed to know about skincare, skin anatomy, skin types, treatments et cetera.
Rootine started out in 2020 as an Instagram page where I would share skincare tips, recomendations and more skincare content. I soon learned that I wanted to do more with my knowledge. I decided to start working on a website where you could learn about skin types, skin conditions, skincare ingredients, products and more. But, also a place to buy good quality skincare products that actually keep your skin healthy and are also vegan-friendly. Thus, Rootine Skincare was officially reborn in the spring of 2023
As of now Rootine is still a young, small business powered by Eva and friends. We hope you can grow with us. Thank you so much for checking out our story. We hope you enjoy the website. Take good care of your skin today!